Booby Balm
Booby Balm
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Booby Balm

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This is our cream that we originally made for a wonderful young woman with breast cancer.  For people who are going through radiation, their doctors are often very picky about what products they can use on their skin and on any burns that result.  

Our formula was created with the advice of a radiation oncologist, so it ONLY contains ingredients that are safe and compatible with radiation (but ask your doc just in case!).  We have always carried it in person, but we wanted to make sure it was also here for all of you on the website--our thoughts and prayers go with anyone who needs this cream for cancer--but it is also GREAT for bruises, thin skin, and any other cosmetic skin concerns that these herbs and oils can help.

It contains Calendula (Marigold) oil and extract, which is a wonderful natural herb to soothe burns, inflammation, and a whole bunch of different skin problems; Aloe extract, which is also very soothing for burns and inflammation; Vitamin E (T50) which is a potent antioxidant and is thought to be part of the skin's natural healing mechanism; and Shea Butter and Shea Oil, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Comprised of 100% natural ingredients, this is a good one--for cancer radiation patients, but also for everyone else!  This is a true "everything balm"--but we left the name, in honor of our first breast cancer radiation patient.  

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After recently completing radiation therapy for breast cancer, I was left with a horrible radiation burn that nothing (and I mean NOTHING) could soothe. Booby Balm has seriously been a godsend! In just a few days of using it, my second degree burn has dramatically decreased in redness and and sensitivity. It is super gentle on my skin, and I love that it is free of harsh chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients.. I would most definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an all-natural solution for skin irritations and burns.

Thank you for this miraculous balm, Billie’s!! It’s truly a game changer!!

Gretchen Ivers
Works great on geese!

My goose was badly injured by an overenthusiastic puppy, and most of his neck was degloved in the incident. He is usually hostile towards being picked up, but the second the booby balm goes on his neck, he settles down into my lap for treatment. It takes something special to soothe a goose- Jack says thank you Billie's!

Best ever

Was given Booby balm by the person that dose my radiation treatments for my Boobies. The ingredients outstanding 100% natural no concoctions from a lab all just right for sore dry skin, dry scratches, (I have one on my face that was itching not now) fantastic on burns, just burnt my hand with boiling water put it on stopped hurting.
Can not say enough how fantastic this Booby Balm is
Thank you so much