About Billie's Soap + Spa Products

Our Origins

At Billie’s Soap & Spa Products, our journey began in 2007 with a simple yet profound realization: Billie saw the need for a high-quality, natural skincare solution that moisturized her skin without leaving it greasy. Inspired by her background as a chemist, Billie embarked on a mission to create a brand that truly caters to all skin types.

Our Mission

Our mission at Billie’s Soap + Spa Products is to empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their skin, no matter where they are going each day or where they’ve been. We believe skincare is not just about appearance but about feeling good, embracing self-care, and enhancing overall well-being. We all have skin, so we should all take care of it!

We are dedicated to providing handmade, high-quality, effective products that nourish, rejuvenate, and use only the best ingredients.

Our Values

  • Purity: We prioritize clean, natural ingredients sourced responsibly to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Innovation: Our formulations are rooted in cutting-edge research and technology, ensuring that each product delivers visible and lasting results.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to eco-friendly practices, from ingredient sourcing to production processes, minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Inclusivity: We celebrate all skin types and tones, creating products that are accessible and beneficial for everyone.
  • Care: In addition to providing free wellness products to essential workers and those combating illnesses like cancer, 10% of all profits go directly to organizations and individuals in need of assistance.

Customer Impact

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. The stories of transformation and newfound confidence we hear from our community inspire us every day. Whether it's a busy professional seeking a simplified skincare routine or someone with sensitive skin looking for gentle yet effective solutions, Billie’s Soap + Spa Products is here to support and celebrate your unique skincare journey.