About Us

Billie's Soap & Spa Products was started in 2007 to fill a huge void in natural bath, cleaning, & personal products high-quality products that are affordable.

Time and time again, we hear customers say, "I can't believe that this is all-natural, and it costs the same as what I'm buying at the supermarket!"
From the beginning, we have made top-quality, 100% handmade products, from
ingredients and raw material sources that are environmentally accountable.

Because we want the environmental footprint of our products to be as small as possible, we use the following framework building our recipes: 1) The ingredient or component must be either organic or as all-natural as possible (some things, such as preservatives for water-based products are almost impossible to find naturally, to ensure that the product is safely made); and 2) That the source for the ingredients is as close as possible--ideally, within 400 miles.

Based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Billie’s is very conscious to use as many local ingredients as possible. Many of our ingredients are grown right here, in North Dakota or in Manitoba, the Canadian province right North of us. This allows us to eliminate the fossil fuel expenditure of shipping raw ingredients, and allows us to get to know the growers and producers personally. While not all of our ingredients are from ideal sources yet, we are committed to this and putting all of our effort into this.

We care care about the well-being from each & every Billie's customer, as we donate 10% of our profits to benefit those in need of assistance. We often make donations, please use the contact form for requests or inquiries.

Wishing you a safe future,

Your friend Billie