Billie's Body Scrub - Sandalwood Seasons
Billie's Body Scrub - Sandalwood Seasons
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Billie's Body Scrub - Sandalwood Seasons

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Blended by one of our employees with a wonderful nose for scents, this one combines traditional Sandalwood with the warm notes of Vanilla for a heady blend of greatness.

Turbinado sugar and pumice unite to give you the softest skin you've never felt. 10 skin-loving oils and Mango, Shea, and Cocoa Butter combine to give your our famous 36 hour moisturizer.

The cozy sandalwood finished with the warmth of vanilla.

Recommended use of once every 3 days.

12 oz.

Directions for enjoyment: Apply to dry, intact skin. Rub product into skin for about one minute using light to medium pressure. Rinse off under running water or in shower until exfoliant washes away. Pat skin dry with clean towel. Enjoy! 
For hand washing: You may either use this after your favorite antibacterial soap (for most healthcare workers antibacterial soap is required) or by itself!
Warning: This product not yet been tested by the FDA. Do not ingest. If irritation or redness occurs discontinue use and call your physician.

Customer Reviews

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Cancer patient

Someone donated Billie's body scrub to our cancer care center and I found it on the donation table. I am my husband's full-time caretaker and I haven't ever found a product that provides self-care as much as this scrub. He loves it on his back, legs and arms, I love it just as much to soften my hands. Thank you to whoever donated the scrub - we've now purchased two more bottles this month.

Brenda Shelley

Love how I feel after using this!!!
Very soft!!!

Brittany Haugen
Best scrub!

The sandalwood scrub has such a nice smell. I’m sensitive to strong smell so this scent is perfect! I love using this scrub on my hands. I work in healthcare so I use a lot of hand sanitizer so my hands always seem to be all dried out-this scrub has made my hands super soft. I also love the fact that I can use the scrub with my wedding ring and it cleans it up so well and makes my ring nice and shiny!! I get compliments on how shiny my ring looks. I can thank Billies soap!

Pat Swanson
Wonderful fragrance

The Turbo scrubs are so soothing, especially with the dry winter air. This is the first time I tried Sandalwood and I love the subtle lingering fragrance. I have used Apricot before, which I also enjoy. Shipping was very prompt.